Automotive Industry

Brand image and awareness has always been a critical element of big budget car company marketing. As vehicles have become more similar it has been ever more important to differentiate between them in the eye of the customer, and vital that the brand personality is maintained across all channels of communication and promotional materials.

The dealer is the linchpin between manufacturer and customer, looking after the customer on behalf of the marque. Many dealers are independent businesses which is why the automotive sector was one of the first to embrace relationship marketing. The customer loyalty programmes we devised in the 1990’s for Renault and Honda became one of the bedrocks of our marketing planning disciplines which are as relevant today.

Both Tanya and Jane have vast experience of marketing, customer loyalty and commercial operations in the automotive industry. For an informal chat about marketing your automotive business, give us a call.


TES Garage is a long established family business in Lymington, providing MOTs, vehicle servicing and repairs. The team are proud of their expertise and experience, traditional values and competitive prices.

Bartley Marketing conceived and designed the branding for TES Garage which did not have the advantage of big automotive budgets to spend, yet with clear thinking and simple colour choice a suitably dramatic impact was created.

The team went on to create a simple brochure website, easily navigable for the end user and with online booking facility – providing clients with 24 hour access to the garage – rather than having to remember to telephone during working hours. The objective was to bring the friendly and professional personality of the TES team to the fore, via friendly images of the team and positive testimonials and endorsement by clients.