Positive power: online and offline working together

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Article, Email, Social Media, Advertorial & PR channels – working together for maximum impact

For businesses reaching out to the New Forest marketplace we propose our unique combination!

Full page advertorial in Lymington Times for Colten Care recruitment

Combining copywriting and design skills with our excellent local newspaper plus the reach of our Lymington.com media channels we can offer a unique proposition:

Online promotional article on Lymington.com, promoted across multiple online channels and coordinated with professionally written and designed “advertorial”  in the Advertiser & Times plus press releases sent to other local papers and magazines: coordinated compelling communications synchronised across online and offline media channels and combined to maximum effect.

The foundations for this are an online promotional article on Lymington.com and an advertorial in the Advertiser and Times (or similar regional publication depending on location).

Article and advertorial can be timed to appear within a specific time frame for maximum impact.

Traditional PR can be incorporated too: a Press Release can go out to local media both on and offline.

What exactly is an advertorial?

Advertorial for In The Frame - half page in Lymington TimesThere is some confusion about exactly what constitutes advertorial – the simplest way to explain is that it’s like the best of advertising and editorial  combined.  It allows for a more complex and comprehensive message to be included than is possible with a straightforward advertisement.  But on the other hand and unlike editorial, it is totally within your control.  And, professionally designed it will look very inviting to the reader!

The Economic Times says: “ An advertorial is a form of advertisement in a newspaper, magazine or a website which involves giving information about the product in the form of an article.”

And more:

“Advertorial can be used to target a specific set of people by choosing the right medium to publish the advertorial.”

“Advertorial is an effective medium for a company to connect with its consumers through a story, unlike a traditional print ad in a magazine, newspaper or on a website as a banner ad.”

“An advertorial is more detailed than an advertisement and thus helps readers understand more about the product.”

Promotional Article on Lymington.com

The online article will sit in the relevant category of our online magazine Lymington Life and will be tagged “News” so that it also features on our Home and News pages for a short time, and this will enable it to be picked up by Google Alerts.

The nature of the article allows us to add more words than are possible in the advertorial and to build on some of the key messages.  The article will also include the objective third party “endorsement” of Lymington.com.

Once everybody is happy with the article it will be promoted via our weekly email newsletter and in the same time frame via our social media channels so that over the course of a  week it will reach on average 15,000 people .

Advertorial in A&T

The advertorial in the Advertiser & Times will typically be either a whole or half page and it can be written in either the first or the third person eg by you or about you!

Added PR

At the same time it’s advisable to copywrite a press release summing up the story in “press” language,  and get it out to wider media.  To some extent it’s then out of your control, but

Interested?  Let’s have a chat!

This special blend of article, advertorial and PR combining powerful copywriting with professional design to reach out to your target market via both online and offline media channels to maximum impact and effect, all adds up to a whole which is much greater than the sum of its parts!

Email or call us if you’d like to have a chat about doing something similar for your business: jane@bartleymarketing.co.uk, 01590 612902 or 07782 167862.

October 2018