Reach your business out to your local market

Arm reaching out across local town on a cloudy day

How do you market your business locally?

For the local business owner, marketing becomes ever more complicated! Audiences are fragmented over hundreds of different media outlets, apps, platforms, search engines, social media sites and business listing products. Technology is constantly evolving – and businesses must use technology to stay competitive.

Large businesses will have marketing plans in place and the resources to embrace every relevant new innovation and social media channel.

But for the local business, it’s a minefield – which media, apps, platforms, social media are right for your business?

Get the right messages to the right target markets.

Going back to basics, the holy grail is getting the right messages to the right markets to encourage them to take the first step towards your business, product or service. But there’s a lot of hard work involved in that apparently simple principle!

For example, how are you using social media? It can be tempting to use it extensively especially as it’s “free”, but for most businesses with small numbers of followers across each channel it has yet to prove its worth in terms of increasing business. Plus, it takes time to do it right, and outdated or inaccurate information risks losing customers and is a poor reflection on the business.

Instead of trying to keep abreast of all this, doing a few things well may be more productive. And there is one short cut of which local businesses in Lymington and the New Forest can take advantage.

Enter our very own website together with its multiple media channels, which offer a combined weekly reach of 15,000 people who have expressed a positive interest in knowing more about local events, promotions and offers. can help you reach more people. is an online hub for both the local community and visitors to the area. It provides local news and information; what’s on and things to do; where to stay, eat and drink; jobs vacancies; business reviews and articles of local interest.

Our Promotion Membership Plans enable businesses to stand out ahead of competitors, to receive qualified endorsement by a third party rather than seeming to ‘blow their own trumpet.’ Promotion Membership complements and builds upon your own advertising and social media activity. It includes a communications plan to ensure that your business core messages are communicated regularly and effectively across our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (and LinkedIn for B2B businesses) channels, as well as via our “What’s On” newsletter emailed weekly to over 4,500 subscribers.

Find out more about promoting your business and events on the channel.

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