Should local sponsorship be a part of your marketing?

Ocean Brothers sponsorship by Bartley Marketing rowing their boat past the Needles as they prepare for their Transatlantic row

Sponsorship has become one of the fastest growing marketing trends for businesses around the world as it provides many benefits to both the recipient and the business.

What is sponsorship?

Sponsorship is an excellent way to support a worthwhile individual or cause, either through financial or practical help, while boosting the profile of your business at the same time.

There are many different ways a business can sponsor a cause. Sponsorship is accessible to most businesses, regardless of their size.

Local sponsorship can provide many benefits.

Whether your business is looking to sponsor a local one-off charity event or hoping to gain more exposure by sponsoring a longer term local project or cause, sponsorship can provide many benefits.

From paying for a local sports team’s kit (such as Rivaaz‘s long term support of Lymington Mariners and Lymington Junior School) to supporting a charity event or project (such as the Ocean Brothers transatlantic row in aid of the British Skin Foundation sponsored by BHG Marine, New Forest Cottages and Bartley Marketing with, there are a number of sponsorship and partnership opportunities in the local Lymington and New Forest area.

Sponsorship can benefit your business by:

Increasing brand awareness: sponsorship can often generate media coverage that might otherwise not have been available.

Promoting a positive image: to be seen supporting the community or a charity is extremely powerful and creates enormous goodwill.

Widening your demographic reach: sponsorship can help put your brand name in front of people who wouldn’t normally consider your business, helping win some new clients.

Allowing direct customer and market interaction: sponsoring and attending any kind of event allows you to interact directly with those that make up your target market, providing a great opportunity to receive feedback from real consumers and potential clients.

Differentiating from your competition: sponsorship provides an opportunity for your company name to stand out above the competition.

Sponsorship does not lead to direct financial reward; that is not the point of it. But, as a cost-effective way to boost your business’ image and performance it is worth investigating sponsorship opportunities in the local area.

Choose carefully.

When you are considering sponsorship, choose carefully. Make sure it is a good investment of your time and/or money.


What is the target market associated with the event/cause?
What kind of exposure will your business get?
Could you get this exposure without the investment?
Do you get direct access to the audience?
Which business or networking goal(s) does it support?
Are other sponsors your competitors?
Does it enhance your business credibility?
Are there any risks of negative press?

Bartley Marketing can help you identify sponsorship opportunities that fit your marketing strategy and budget as part of your marketing plan.

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