Review your marketing plan to improve targeting and messages

Plan your marketing this year and leap ahead

New marketing plan for a new year

Improve targeting and messages with a review of your marketing plan

The new year is a great time to review your marketing plan for the year ahead, to ensure that you’re reaching the right target markets with the best messages to communicate your competitive advantages.

As well as providing new insights it also becomes an ongoing control mechanism, providing the framework for you to assess and evaluate all the opportunities sent your way inviting you to spend money on advertising and other promotion during the year.

There’s a process to building a marketing plan, which includes examining the products and services you offer within an ever evolving marketplace and competitive environment. A detailed examination of customers and prospects to refine your target market, reviewing and assessing your existing communications, and doing an honest appraisal of your business’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT), are other key components of a marketing plan.

Objectivity in conducting this process often results in the identification of new markets and opportunities, and especially in the crystallisation of the competitive “promise” of a business.

This is where Bartley Marketing comes in – our skills and experience save your time and because we’re not emotionally involved in your business we can be more detached and objective about your SWOT and recommendations.

If you’d like your business to have a new marketing plan for the new year or you know somebody else whose business might benefit, please contact Bartley Marketing now for details. Email or call for a chat on 01590 612902

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