Reach new customers with digital marketing

laptop screen showing digital marketing analytics, with person's hand pointing with pointer at a pie chart

The world is in lockdown and, with nobody sure how long the pandemic (and its after effects) will last, the need for businesses to have a strong online presence is more important than ever before. Companies who have ‘made do’ … Read More

Communications: focus on your core messages

Core Values of a Business

Coronavirus fears, closing of borders, stock market freefalling – all in all it doesn’t feel a great time for business growth. Your first instinct might be to bootstrap communications until the economy begins to recover. Except, once your audience is … Read More

Successful marketing in an economic downturn

Surfing the wave

Why you shouldn’t cut back on marketing investment in a recession. First Brexit. Now the Coronavirus. Dark storm clouds are right above us. In difficult times the natural instinct is to fly into survival mode, cutting back on spending wherever you … Read More

New Year, time for a new marketing focus

Content is king - crown with marketing words

The New Year is always a good time to take stock and do some work “on” your business as opposed to continually being trapped “in” it.   Ideally this will include a review and refresh of your marketing plan (take … Read More

Positive power: online and offline working together

Blackboard with positive ticked

Article, Email, Social Media, Advertorial & PR channels – working together for maximum impact For businesses reaching out to the New Forest marketplace we propose our unique combination! Combining copywriting and design skills with our excellent local newspaper plus the … Read More

Competitive advantage: holy grail of communications

Competitive advantage - chess in front of the fire

One of the most important things for businesses to consider is how they will “differentiate” their offering and create value for their market. Competitive advantages are the foundation of your entire business – the first things you should pin down … Read More

The importance of your marketing plan

Marketing plan process

Whilst a business plan helps define the direction for your company, a marketing plan will help your business understand how to get there and sets out how you are going to put your marketing strategy into practice. When you’ve got … Read More

Should local sponsorship be a part of your marketing?

Ocean Brothers sponsorship by Bartley Marketing rowing their boat past the Needles as they prepare for their Transatlantic row

Sponsorship has become one of the fastest growing marketing trends for businesses around the world as it provides many benefits to both the recipient and the business.   Sponsorship is an excellent way to support a worthwhile individual or cause, … Read More

Reach your business out to your local market

Arm reaching out across local town on a cloudy day

For the local business owner, marketing becomes ever more complicated! Audiences are fragmented over hundreds of different media outlets, apps, platforms, search engines, social media sites and business listing products. Technology is constantly evolving – and businesses must use technology to … Read More