The heart of your business success relies on its marketing – most aspects of your business depend on successful marketing and as such it should be considered a significant part of your business. Marketing is everything an organisation does to build a relationship between the company and consumer; the process by which a product or service is introduced and promoted to potential customers.

At Bartley Marketing we work with businesses small and large to help plan and integrate effective marketing strategies based on their specific requirements. The principles of marketing are the same, regardless of the size of company.

We have subdivided “marketing” here into four key areas: marketing communications, relationship marketing, content marketing and local marketing.


We'll uncover what it is that sets you apart and recommend a combination of marketing communications techniques that get you noticed - engaging your target audience.


Bartley Marketing can advise and manage your marketing communications at every step; from design and photography, to compelling SEO-friendly content, ensuring consistency and brand image throughout.
We can design and distribute a range of attractive, content-driven brochures, postcards, newsletters, leaflets, magazines, banners, posters and flyers to support your marketing activities, combining the best printing techniques, professional photography and excellent design to ensure a professional looking product at affordable costs.
We also design advertisements and can manage media relations on your behalf.


Engage your target audience! Planned, relevant and well-written ‘content’ can be used by any business to reach their target audience in an authentic and trusted manner.


Content marketing enables businesses and brands to engage with their target audience in a highly effective and personable way, creating and sharing valuable information, whether in a newsletter, blog, video, podcast, tweet, magazine or online channel. And because content marketing can be shared, commented on and recommended by the audience, it helps your message reach out to a much wider audience.
Bartley Marketing can help you produce relevant, consistent and compelling content. Whether we're producing brochures, newsletters, adverts, articles or social media campaigns, we ensure we fully understand your objectives and the needs of your customers.
Furthermore we ensure that there is a strategic plan in place to integrate content marketing seamlessly into your marketing mix.


Your customers are your most valuable asset! Relationship marketing is the art of developing a valued relationship with your customers and prospects.


Companies that offer excellent customer service or value and really understand their audience’s needs stand a much better chance of success than those who ignore their customers and continue to offer inadequate or poorly received offerings.
A good relationship marketing strategy should be an essential part of your overall marketing plan and will help you to gain a competitive advantage in a highly saturated market.
Bartley Marketing can help you build long-term relationships, increase customer loyalty and attract new clients.


Businesses local to the New Forest, Lymington and surrounding areas can benefit enormously from our unique local media channel,

LOCAL MARKETING provides local news and information, where to stay, eat and drink, things to do, jobs, business reviews and articles of local interest. reaches out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and in a weekly 'What's On' e-newsletter to subscribers. champions and promotes everything it can about the local area.
Even if you have a social media presence it can be difficult to expand your reach. provides a cost-effective way for local businesses to reach out into their local market and have their business, products and services endorsed by third party recommendation. Your business will stand out, ahead of your competitors - and it will not appear as you 'blowing your own trumpet' but as qualified endorsement.

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“ has provided us with a means to reach out in the local area, with positive messages about our business. As a result we have greatly increased our audience and the well-written, ‘championing’ articles have definitely enhanced our reputation.”