Why have a mobile responsive website?

Designer's desk with responsive web design concept.

Responsive web design allows a website’s layout to change as size of the screen being used to view that site changes. User experience of the website will be comparable, whether using desktop, tablet or mobile. A wide screen can display … Read More

Promotional PR for compelling communications

Girl speaking publicly into a megaphone about promotional pr

Promotional PR. Not heard that term before? It’s all in the name! PR – public relations – is about communicating with a company’s target audience (and indeed all the organisation’s stakeholders) either directly or indirectly through media, aiming to create … Read More

Get your marketing on track

Life ring on sandy beach symbolising marketing help

This is a great month to take stock of some of those perpetual issues relevant to all businesses – how best to position and market ourselves to the right target audiences! Typical business owner marketing-related questions to self will include: … Read More

The benefits of a WordPress website

Wordpress website

Easy to use, adapt and manage, WordPress is now the most popular website content management system (CMS) The benefits of a wordpress websiteWordPress is the most popular blogging software on the market and over the course of the last few … Read More

How to achieve results with marketing communications

Number seven painted on tarmac

Marketing communications isn’t difficult if you remember the rule of seven. That moment when you’ve communicated with a group of prospects, had no result and feel like throwing the whole list into the nearest bin? Don’t give up! According to … Read More