Promotional PR for compelling communications

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Using Promotional PR for communications

Promotional PR. Not heard that term before? It’s all in the name!

PR – public relations – is about communicating with a company’s target audience (and indeed all the organisation’s stakeholders) either directly or indirectly through media, aiming to create and maintain both a positive image and a strong relationship with that audience. It is all about reputation, what you have said or done, and what others say about you.

Promotion is essentially pushing out a specific message whether directly or indirectly to the target audience, often including a call to action. It sometimes includes a specific offer. But in principle its only “rules” are that, like advertising, it should follow the rule of “AIDA” which stands for:

A for Attention
I for Interest
D for Desire
A for Action.

Promotional PR is the best of PR and Promotion combined

Promotional PR is not the same as advertorial, which is where the company promotes itself, usually via media on a paid basis and which can be very expensive. Although advertorial tends also to be written in an editorial style similar to that of PR, so they are similar.

Promotional PR is effectively a combination of PR, promotion and third party endorsement.

It has the benefit of being about you rather than by you. It can thus recommend and champion your business from a third party perspective which is immensely valuable – and can be both compelling and powerful.

Promotional PR is written by a third party. It’s usually based on a PR type “story” and then it builds upon the story to add the promotional elements (from whichever angle the objective requires). It can provide a human aspect to your business, something to grasp the attention of your target market.

When carried out effectively and regularly, Promotional PR can reinforce a reputation, appearing as testimonial and recommendation. And, in an age where the vast majority of people search businesses online, promotional PR really can make the difference between your prospects contacting you – or your competition.

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