Marketing Health and Beauty

The health and beauty market is highly competitive, with a big emphasis on customer satisfaction and branding. Client retention is really important, so too is standing out from the crowd and attracting new clients. It is vital to keep in sight the needs and desires of the local target market, using marketing tools such as a clear, professional and easy-to-navigate website as an ‘online brochure’ – ideally where clients can book online quickly and easily in their own time.

In a market where many clients are often loyal to a particular stylist or therapist, personality is really important and testimonials provide valuable ‘word of mouth’ endorsement. Marketing should be well targeted and differentiated across the different services on offer, reaching out on social media and in local media accordingly. It is important to have excellent relationship marketing processes in place, along with regular content marketing to draw in new clients.

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No 11 The Salon – Website, Blog and Local PR

No 11 The Salon is a hair salon in Lymington, which offers a range of hair services for both men and women. Although their website was only a few years old, it was unresponsive, complicated to navigate, out of date and required the designer to make updates. Although regular users of Facebook and Instagram, the team are too busy to write blogs.

Bartley Marketing created a new, responsive website for No 11 The Salon. Professional, colourful and easy to navigate, the website has been brought to life by a 360° virtual ‘SeeInside’ tour, which takes you around the stylish salon. It is clear and simple to book an appointment online, providing users with 24 hour access to the salon – rather than having to remember to telephone during working hours.

The 360° virtual ‘SeeInside’ tour has also been embedded into Google, vastly enhancing the search credentials for No 11 The Salon.

In addition to the website, the Bartley Marketing team have been asked to ‘ghost write’ a series of blogs over a 12 month period in order to draw more visitors to the website and to the salon. These blogs provide a regular ‘drip feed’ of interesting content and useful information to the local market. They are promoted and championed locally through Bartley Marketing’s channels; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the weekly ‘What’s On’ newsletter to subscribers.