How to achieve results with marketing communications

Number seven painted on tarmac

Marketing communications isn’t difficult if you remember the rule of seven.

That moment when you’ve communicated with a group of prospects, had no result and feel like throwing the whole list into the nearest bin?

Don’t give up!

According to the ‘Rule of Seven’, one of the oldest concepts in marketing communications, a prospective buyer will need to see or hear your marketing message at least seven times before they buy from you.

In other words, your marketing effort should be repetitive and consistent. You cannot just run one advert or send one email and expect people to buy your product.

You need to keep chatting!

Even if you are doing your marketing well; targeting the right people (your target customers) with powerful marketing, speaking to their major problems and how you can solve them, its unlikely they’ll jump the first time they see your message.

So why do prospects need to hear your message so many times before taking action? There are a number of reasons…

#1 = Noise

People are constantly bombarded with messages. There is ‘noise’ everywhere. The first time someone sees your message it’s unlikely even to register. They’re not sitting around waiting for you to call, they are busy living their lives and you may not even be on their radar.

#2 = They don’t need you … yet

Even if you closely target the right people, they may not need your product or service today. And if they only see your marketing message once, it’s unlikely they’ll remember you tomorrow or next week or next year when they suddenly do need you. When it comes to marketing ‘out of sight’ is definitely ‘out of mind’.

#3 = They’re worried about the price

Price may very well be an issue, but remember price objections are often code for ‘I’m not really sure I need/want your product’ – you’ve not yet convinced them to buy. If someone really wants what you have to offer, it’s amazing how quickly they’ll work out how to pay for it. If they continue to see powerful marketing messages from you, they may get closer to seeing your value and forgetting about their price concerns.

#4 = They don’t know you or trust you … yet

The real reason most people don’t buy the first time they stumble upon your marketing message: they don’t know you. All that ‘noise’ mentioned earlier – there are too many messages, many of which aren’t true. How many commercials, flyers or email marketing messages do you take at face value? I’ll bet its not that many! To sell a product you need to prove that it does what it says.

It takes time for buyers to get to know you – to remember your name, your message, your offer. Once they know you, they need time to get to like you – and your business. Over time, they’ll eventually start to trust you. Once they trust you, turst that you’re honest and provide true value, they might well be ready to buy.

How long does this all take? Probably not in seven contacts. It really depends; it depends on the value of your offer, how badly they need it and how many charlatans they’ve met before.

Applying the Rule of Seven to your marketing plan

Never rely on only one type of marketing method. Even if you are getting amazing results today things might change in the future; factors outside your control may change how easily you can reach your prospects. So even if you have discovered a method that is bringing in as many customers as you can handle, it’s advisable to add a couple of other elements to your marketing plan to protect against unexpected changes.

The Rule of Seven is why ‘information marketing’ is so effective. By providing free information to your prospects on a regular basis, you are building a solid relationship. Information offered in a newsletter or blog doesn’t set off alarms because it’s not a sales pitch; it’s a genuine attempt to educate and help.

You should also consider how you can effectively communicate regularly with prospective buyers. Too many entrepreneurs only market sporadically because they are ‘too busy’ to market themselves. Then they wonder why they don’t have enough clients. Set aside regular times to focus on marketing, even when you’re busy – or perhaps it’s time to seek marketing assistance. If you continue marketing even when you’re busy, you’ll have fewer slow times.

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